About Us

SkiSkin, is a Japan based startup aiming to bridge the Skin Care, Beauty and Wellness market between India and Japan-Korea as NEVER before. Our page is dedicated to delivering the best of time-tested Japanese and Korean of skincare products, trends, and tips from over 25+ brands and counting, at the best guaranteed price (yes you read it right, the BEST price, Guaranteed too!!) in India.

Founded in 2019, we aim to bring machine learning to skincare sector and provide personalised skincare regime to our customers in the coming months.

Our Philosophy

'Love Your Skin'

'Ski', derived from the Japanese word Suki 「好き」, pronounced "suh-khee" or simpl e "ski" means to like/love something or have taste for that thing.

As our name suggests our mission at SkiSkin is to educate and inspire people to love their skin and have confidence in their appearances. Japan and Korea are the hotbed of beauty, steeped in ancient wisdom, traditions and time-tested ingredients. SkiSkin want to bring these ancient beauty secrets and facilitate Indian women to find confidence in themselves by taking care of their skin.

Our Promise

We want the best for our customers, so we're offering 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed on your entire shopping experience with SkiSkin! Our products are directly sourced from the country of origin so we fully attest to its authenticity and its originality. At SkiSkin, we guaranty you to offer the best affordable prices in among other Indian platforms.